Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Christmas Eve Photobooth

This year I was so excited to be hosting my first family holiday and our first Christmas Eve in our new house.  I wanted to make it extra special and began thinking of ideas.  I saw some pinterest posts and decided on making my own "Photobooth" for the night!  Here's how I created this project:

Items Needed:
Wrapping Paper
Green & Red Marker
110 lb. White Cardstock
Hot Glue Gun
*Walmart Photobooth Prop Kit

First, I made a sign to say Christmas Eve 2014 in the background.  For this I cut out an ornament I drew for each letter on cardstock.  I just used a cup to trace a circle and drew the hook on the top.  Then I wrote each letter in the ornament with green/red and traced it with the opposite color.

Next, I hot glued on the letter on small red/ green ribbon.  Evenly spacing them out on the floor before gluing them on.

Then, I hung up the wrapping paper in a location I thought would be best.  I measured out the wrapping paper and then cut to fit the door area I wanted it and taped it securely.

Finally, I taped up the sign!

*Ok now for the most important part-- the props!  For this I found a photobooth prop kit in the party section of walmart.  It was a birthday party kit so I threw out all of the birthday props and used their "sayings sign" to trace my own on the cardstock.  For these I wrote out my own that were specific to Christmas.

When it came time for the party we had a blast with this!  I took the picture and then cropped the sides to make it look like a photobooth picture (not my living room/kitchen).  Here's some pictures!