Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Organization

I don't know about your family but mine was struggling in the organization department. When my mother in law was throwing a Thirty-One party I knew this was my opportunity to tackle some organizing! I decided to purchase 2 Oh Snap Pockets in Black Playful Parade and then as a bonus I got the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote in Black Playful Parade for only $10 for spending over $35! I customized the Oh Snap Pockets with MAIL and ACTION. That way I could quickly through the mail in the "mail" one when I got home and then when I go through it, I can put important ones in the "action" one. Simple enough. Then on the bonus bag I put Anselmi Family. This one is a whole other post I will be putting up soon because it is going to be where I put all of our families important papers (like a family binder). Right now I have a hanging file sitting in and I will begin filling it shortly!

The Thirty-One items were the most pricey items but if you're doing this you could easily use alternatives like hanging baskets.
The cost: $65

Then came the fun part... trying to figure out how I wanted to do the layout on the wall. I took to pinterest and found these:


I used these as pinspiration and my starting point.  I knew that I didn't want to do chalkboards because I already have the chalk wall so I thought of ideas for whiteboards.  Then I came up with the a fun idea... did you know that picture frames can also double as a whiteboard!?  So I bought 7-4x6 picture frames for the weekly calendar, a 11x14 picture frame for the menu, and then a Quartet whiteboard calendar with corkboard.  These were all pretty cheap.
The cost: 
7-4x6 frames: $6.16
1-11x14 frame: $4.00
Quartet whiteboard calendar: $9.96

Next I bought wooden letters to paint and put in the corners of the picture frames.  The weekly frames got the first letter of the day of the week and then the large frame got menu.  While doing this I was torn between creating a menu board and a misc. board for anything.  I decided to do a menu and then if I need a misc. one I will do that later.
The cost:
Red Paint: $.50
Wood Letters: $2.97

The last of the items I needed to purchase was string and mini clothes pins to pin up pictures, invitations, gift certificates, etc.
The cost:
Red string: $.33
Mini clothespins: $2.48

Lastly the A sign and the love canvas were free because they were wedding gifts!  You could customize yours with any decor that you like.

TOTAL COST: $26.41!!!  This is of course before the Thirty-One but like I said you could substitute.

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