Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Man or Little Miss + All Things Baby Thoughts!

Well hello! I haven't blogged in a very long time! There's some thoughts that I wanted to get down and I thought this would be the best outlet so here it randomly goes.

 I am 16 weeks pregnant since Tuesday. I can't believe I'm already this far along. It's been a long journey getting here. When we found out we were expecting again, a couple of days before the due date of our angel baby, we were ecstatic and just knew it was meant to be. I was super excited at our appointment this Tuesday because my blood pressure actually wasn't through the roof for the first time. I never have high blood pressure but every time I went to the OB I was scared they would tell me my baby wasn't alive. So what up 120/70-that's more like it!!! I really think I'm starting to relax and not be so worried but worrying is in my genes (thanks mom & dad) so I doubt it'll ever go away. Also we scheduled our 20 weeks ultrasound which is so exciting! We haven't seen the little peanut since 9 weeks when he/she was forming arm and leg buds.

After we found out I joined a group on Facebook for mom's due in December and I quickly became sort of envious of the "naive" moms who hadn't lost a baby. They didn't have any worries or concerns that we had. They still had the "it won't happen to me" mantra playing in their heads and here I am like oh it definitely could! I prayed so much in the beginning (and still do) and every so often I would have a dream about being at the doctor where they found the heartbeat and everything was good. I think that was God's way of telling me everything was ok. It gave me peace when I would worry.

Ummm what's my next thoughts? Let's talk about gender! So since our previous loss was a sex chromosome abnormality (remember Turner's Syndrome is 1 X instead of the normal 2) we were able to get a newer noninvasive blood test called Informaseq. This tests for the likelihood of common chromosomal problems like Downs Syndrome and Trisomies. Plus since our problem last time was the sex chromosomes we'd got the added gender portion to our test which is why we get to find out 4 weeks sooner! So they took my blood (to separate the baby's DNA.. How cool?!) when I was 13w2d and I got the results when I was 14w6d. That's pretty neat and quick! They told me that the baby had no risk for any of the chromosomal problems that were tested and baby is perfect with either XX or XY!!! But I asked them not to tell me the gender because we wanted to be surprised at our party, so we got the results in an envelope that I will be giving to Kayte when she gets here tomorrow!

Now here is where the sort of sappy is going to come in. Now that it's real that we will know the gender of our rainbow baby in 53 hours, I've been thinking a lot about it. God has so many wonderful plans for this baby! There's a reason he/she was put into our lives at this time instead of before. This baby is going to impact our lives so much and I'm so excited about it. I like teaching but I really think I was born to be a mother and now I get my chance. The love that I already have for him/her is incredible and I know I can speak for Andrew and he agrees.  It's been a long journey getting here and we still have a ways to go but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

I think the baby is a boy but I want a girl. I sincerely would be happy either way!!! Andrew was such a cute little boy with curly brown hair I can only imagine our little boy would look the same way. Since my dad never had a boy I think it would be fun for him and Andrew to do all things sports with him. But a little girl would be so precious and cute. I also picture Andrew with a daughter having him wrapped around her little finger. He is going to be such a good dad I could gush over it all day. Plus cute girl outfits and bows she will be so spoiled!

So stay tuned for the gender announcement THIS SATURDAY and details/pictures of our BaByQ Gender Reveal!!!

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