Saturday, January 18, 2014

Handling Unexpected Situations

One of the many things Andrew and I are learning in the first few months of the married life is how to handle unexpected situations.  I'm sure that's a common thing everyone can relate to being out of college and in the "real world" for less than a year (wow I can't believe it is going to be a year soon...).  Well normally I would call my dad the instant I found myself in a hard spot i.e. washer is broken, Andrew's car is stuck in the snow, we need help moving...........Alright alright I still do that, I'm a Daddy's girl!
Well anyway, right before we got married we bought Andrew a new car because his 1998 Grand Prix was entering an age to legally be able to drive itself.  We knew it would be a matter of time even though it had been a tank making it through all of his college years with over 230,000 miles! So we made our first big buy together and we got him a 2011 Chevy Impala!  We loved it when we saw it and we love it now!

So that was pretty expected.  We then went on about our lives for the next few months and then when we weren't expecting it, my 2004 Jeep Patriot stopped working.  That jeep has pretty much given us problems from the beginning and I was hoping to get a new one soon anyway.  However, we didn't really want to get a new one in the midst of buying our new home.  But that's life, right!?  So after my mom and I researched online we found the perfect vehicle for me!  We already have a car and I kept in mind that we will be toting around youngens in the nearer future so I wanted to stick with another SUV that was preferably better on gas.  At the end of the day we purchased a.....

2014 Jeep Patriot!!!

Even though we didn't exactly want to purchase another vehicle right after we just got one I can't say I don't LOVE my new Jeep!  I would recommend a Patriot to anyone.

More for another day, Brooke :)

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