Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Beautiful Story

So I've seen a lot of blogs on pinterest and facebook so I thought I would start one about our family!  What better way to remember what happens throughout life than document it on a blog?!  So here I go.  I'm going to start at the beginning (but don't worry... It won't be THAT long).

As many of you know my now husband, Andrew, has been my significant other since Freshman year of high school (8+ years!!!).  We've been through lots of ups and downs but here we are today as husband and wife!  (Wow...was the quick or what?  Just kidding there's so much more.)

So there was high school which was pretty long ago for us, so I'm going to skip over it.  Let's jump straight into college.  So after spending freshman year apart at different schools, we couldn't stand it much longer and Andrew transferred to Monmouth College for Sophomore year.  After that point, we made so many memories.  Here are some highlights of our entire college experience in 50 pictures.

Well finally, after 5+ years of dating Andrew proposed to me our junior year in front of our 3 closest friends.

We couldn't have been more excited and happy!!!  So the planning began.  We originally were planning on getting married on December 21, 2013 but that didn't end up happening because we were finalist in the WQAD Love of a Lifetime Giveaway!

Oh and guess what... we won!  So that pushed our wedding up to September 28, 2013.  We were glad that we had some time after we graduated before we got married because we started our careers.  I was hired as a 4th grade teacher at Southwest Elementary school in Geneseo and Andrew became the Italian Express Manager at the Hyvee in Rock Island.

Then after a move or two, we got a dog (story soon to come) and the summer was over.  We got finally got married!  LITERALLY THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES!!!  After 7+ years together we became Mr. & Mrs. Anselmi.

There's over 1,000 pictures of our wedding and there's too many to choose from so I'm only going to post this one.

Our honeymoon was later on because I was teaching so we went over the week of Thanksgiving.  We went to the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, TN and spent a few days with my family in Georgia.


So back to the story about the dog.  Well my mom and dad have 5 dogs so I am definitely a dog lover.  One day I was talking to my best friend, Kayte (also Maid of Honor) about how I wanted a dog.  Well within the next few days she gave us the BEST wedding gift of all time our fur baby, Brody!

He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd and the most adorable boy ever!  He is such a good dog but we thought he needed a friend.  So not too long after we got married (alright a day afterwards) we got his sister... Addy (another Miniature Australian Shepherd)!  They are definitely a good pair together... Brody is calm, loyal, and sweet.  Addy is a fireball, energetic, and naughty.  We love them both and are so happy they are our furbabies!

And along the way we officially became the tiny family we are today with a few exciting happenings (i.e. 2 new cars and a house but that's for another day)!

So there you have it.  I told you it wouldn't be that bad.  Love, Brooke :)

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